About Michelle HuiMin


Bridal Veil

Michelle HuiMin Bridal Veil unveils a world of grandeur yet marrying simplicity, elegance & timeless style in all her bespoke creations. Her boldness & capability in using a variety of exquisite fabrics to construct a unique gown of emboldened beauty will attest to your exquisite taste.

Michelle HuiMin Bridal Veil houses bespoke couture gowns that have been spared no effort in the whole journey of conceptualizing, to designing, right down to the final touches of detailing. Each & every made-to-measure gown created bears the key principle; that it beautifully enhances the bride’s silhouette & correct any flaws. Every design has always been an art of expression by Michelle HuiMin herself.

 She is a maestro for her intricate craftsmanship of hand sewn Swarovski crystals as well as delicate laces. She uses her immense knowledge of various fabric to realize her seamless vision of that perfect gown for all her brides.

In The Making

Creating your very own bespoke wedding gown typically involves several steps. First, the bride-to-be meets with a designer to discuss her vision for the dress and any specific design elements she wants included. The designer then creates a sketch of the gown and works with the bride to refine the design until they are both satisfied. Once the design is finalized, the dress is carefully crafted using high-quality materials, with fittings taking place along the way to ensure a perfect fit. The result is a one-of-a-kind gown that is truly unique to the bride.

Our Simplicity Package

Our wedding packages typically includes the dress, veil, and other accessories such as a tiara or gloves. Some packages may also include alterations and cleaning services for the dress. These packages can be a convenient way for brides-to-be to purchase all the items they need for their big day in one place, often at a discounted price. Contact us or click the link below to learn more about available wedding dress packages and to find the perfect one for you.